Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight Review

The Dark Knight has officially surpassed Spiderman in the super hero genre and now holds the title for most money racked in within the first week- at an astonishing 155.34 million dollars- and is expected to exceed a gross of over 200 million next week...a well deserved lump of cash if you ask me- Dark Knight has proven to be the best super hero movie of this summer, beating out competitors like the Incredible Homo and Iron Fag (I'm just kidding, every morning I wake up, stare into the mirror, and am disappointed i didn't wake up as Tony Stark) with the help of one very memorable and incredibly bad ass role, of course, I speak of the genius that is the late Heath Ledger's Joker.

His part will undoubtedly bring forth a posthumous Academy Award nomination for best supporting role this year, but whether or not he should win is more up to personal opinion. Just because the guy died doesn't mean we are obligated to hand him the award, although the pressure in nominating him and than giving it to someone else is enough to just mail the Oscar to his daughter. In trying to preserve what is "p.c." and what is "seriously bro..." we might just be better off hoping that the role he played was a good one, but a forgettable one...right?

It was superb. Jack Nicholson can suck on Heath Ledger's broke back dick for the rest of eternity- this Joker goes down in history as the most psychotic yet intelligent one- allowing the audience member insight and depth into the dark twisted nature of his actions, at the same time indicting and questioning our own character and ethics- not only individually but as a society. An example of how we are questioned as individuals would be when Batman refused to run over and kill the Joker, despite both the capability and justice within fulfilling such an action- and socially our ethics are put into question when neither boat explodes (if you haven't seen the movie you won't know what the fug I'm speaking about). Not to mention, i felt like the Jokers actions and character was constantly asking me to compromise my convictions, to "laugh with him or at him", to, not take things so "seriously". So many times i caught audience members around me laughing or cheering for the bad guy, maybe they had forgotten which side they were supposed to be on, or maybe it was a conscious decision. In any case, Christopher Nolan created such a beautiful experience for the viewer, a very transient and at times vicarious stream of actions- at times it was good to be bad, and viceversa.

I heard a friend say she thought there was such a strong serious republican under tone behind the entire thing. I can't blame her for thinking so, after all, the American Super Hero is a good guy. Not a bad guy.

I watched Dark Knight opening night, along with 2,000 other people at Sunset Place Miami Florida. I was moved by how many batman loving losers there actually were in the South Miami area- it was impressive. You had your normal batch of batman/ Joker tshirt wearing kids who were just out to have a good time and watch a good action movie. No harm in that. But then, slowly but surely, from the shadows and caves of Miami came the dungeons and dragons lovers with their mother's lipstick smeared all over their faces, and grown men wearing home made capes- flapping them around the theatre lobby. I was afraid. Not that I'd be injured, but that I might have to injure one of them if they tried to role play with me. I never understood how a grown man could be aloud to dress up on any day of the year that wasn't Halloween. Oh that's right. THEY AREN'T. The best was this one kid sitting 4 rows back in my theatre, who was decked out in what must have been a 3,000 dollar batman getty up, complete with leather jockstrap from only the finest of finest cow hides. Un-fucking-believable. I'm not sure when this kids nuts must have fused with his hot leathery pants but it must have been somewhere between the car ride over to the theatre, or somewhere within the proceeding 6 hours of waiting for the previews and movie to begin, watching the 2.5 hour film, or maybe during the traffic jam from hell in the parking garage after the movie- where 2,500 people were planning on leaving at the exact same time. Either way, good movie.

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